About the Author

Having started Humber’s publishing program a month ago, I have come to realize the importance of technology in publishing. Because of technology, the publishing industry is changing drastically and at the speed of light. We need to keep up and I would like to help you do that.

While there are many electronics companies that are quite good, I believe Samsung is by far the best. Yet, even the best seems to have weaknesses. This blog comments on Samsung and its place in the publishing world, or perhaps more like its inability to secure a spot in this industry.

I’m guessing you want to know a little about me. I come from the French-speaking province of Canada: Montreal. I’m interested in becoming an editor (not sure about what kind of editor). I love reading. I love music, particularly jazz. I didn’t think I would find myself in this road, but my professor convinced me, promising it was much better than a master’s. I hope she is right.



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